Benefits of HAN Membership

  • Dissemination and Communication
  • Advocacy, Lobbying and Representation
  • Networking among members
  • Promotion of Training, Growth & Empowerment
  • Facilitation of Professional Advice & Services
  • Generic marketing and Public Relations
  • Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Practices


Membership Types

HAN offers three membership types.

  • Full Membership – To all tourism accommodation providers
  • Supporting Membership – To hospitality industry suppliers, marketeers and promotors.
  • Associate Membership – To interested tourism related stakeholders.


Membership Application

Become a member of the Hospitality Association of Namibia by downloading the full application (via the link below), completing the form and then emailing it back to HAN for processing.


Help collect tourism data

One cannot manage such, that you do not measure is the driving principle HAN follows in encouraging its members to submit monthly room and bed occupancy statistics to help measure the performance of the hospitality sector.  Statistics forms, identical to the ones that need to be submitted to the NTB with tourism levy payments, are provided to members, and a monthly, quarterly and annual report of accommodation performance is then compiled by HAN and distributed to interested stakeholders,  including banks, statisticians, investors and the industry as such.

HAN is also keen to encourage other sectors within tourism, including car rental, tour and activity operations to measure and record performance within their sectors, to be able to give a wide reflection of the Namibian tourism industry.